Slesareva Elena Vasilievna



SCOPUS ID 25931248300


Ulyanovsk State University
Faculty of Medicine, Department of Morphology
42 Leo Tostoy St., Ulyanovsk, 432017
Phone: +7 (8422) 327322, +7 9084800543

2000 – specialty “General Medicine Doctor”
2003 г. – Candidate of Medical Sciences, code 03.03.04 Cell biology, histology, cytology
2013 г. – Doctor of Medical Sciences, code 14.03.02 Pathological anatomy

2004 г. - Senior Lecturer, Department of Morphology, Ulyanovsk State University
2008 г. - Associate Professor, Department of Morphology, Ulyanovsk State University
2009 - Head of the Department of Morphology, Ulyanovsk State University

Pathomorphological problems of neuroendocrine regulation disorder of male reproductive system

2010-2012 - Grant from the Federal Target Program “Scientific and pedagogical personnel of innovative Russia”; topic: “Morphological and pathogenetic aspects of male reproductive system”

Member of the Editorial Board of “University proceedings. Volga region. Medical sciences”


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